In the vast world of drinking games, there’s one that’s found a niche among fans of classic rock and fun competition: the Roxanne Drinking Game. Simple in concept but delightfully engaging, this game pairs well with a relaxed evening with friends or a cozy night in with your partner.

What is the Roxanne Drinking Game?

Born from the lyrics of the iconic song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, this drinking game is all about the music and the magic words – “Roxanne” and “red light.” Although typically played at parties, this game can also add a fun twist to a date night at home.

Understanding the Song: Roxanne by The Police

‘Roxanne’ is a song by English rock band The Police from their 1978 album, ‘Outlandos d’Amour.’ Its catchy rhythm and repetitive lyrics make it ideal for a drinking game.

How to Play the Roxanne Drinking Game

The rules of the Roxanne Drinking Game are easy to grasp:

  1. The Setup: To start, you’ll need your favorite beverage, a comfortable place to sit, and, of course, the song ‘Roxanne’ ready to play.
  2. The Rules: The game is simple: you take a sip of your drink every time you hear “Roxanne” or “red light” in the song. Some people choose to divide into two teams, with one team drinking to “Roxanne” and the other to “red light.” However, for a more intimate setting, you and your partner can take turns or just drink at every mention of both.
  3. The Objective: The goal is not to finish your drink first but to enjoy the game and, most importantly, the company. This game is a sprint, not a marathon, given the frequency of “Roxanne” and “red light” in the lyrics. The aim should be to have a fun, unique shared experience.

Modifying the Roxanne Drinking Game

The beauty of this game lies in its flexibility. You’re free to adapt it to your preferences:

  • Non-Alcoholic Option: Not a fan of alcohol? No problem! The Roxanne Drinking Game can easily be played with non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Dance Version: Feeling active? Turn it into a dancing game. Instead of taking a sip, get up and dance each time you hear the magic words.

Safety and Enjoyment

As always, play this game responsibly. The purpose is not to get intoxicated but to have fun and connect with your partner or friends. Always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits.


The Roxanne Drinking Game offers a lively blend of music, laughter, and nostalgia. Whether it’s for a party or a night in, the rhythmic repetition of “Roxanne” and “red light” promises to make your night memorable. So why not mix up your usual routine and inject some classic rock into your evening?


  1. Can the Roxanne Drinking Game be played with any other songs?
    • Absolutely! The game’s concept can be adapted to other songs with frequently recurring lyrics. Just pick a song and a word or phrase from it, and you’ve got yourself a new drinking game!
  2. How long does the game last?
    • The game lasts as long as the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, which is approximately 3 minutes.
  3. What if we don’t want to drink alcohol?
    • Not a problem! The Roxanne Drinking Game can easily be played with non-alcoholic beverages, or you can modify the game to involve dancing or other actions instead of drinking.
  4. Is this game only for parties?
    • Not at all! While it can be a fun addition to a party, the Roxanne Drinking Game can also be played during a casual or romantic night in.
  5. Is there a set amount to drink each time ‘Roxanne’ or ‘red light’ is mentioned?
    • The amount you choose to drink is entirely up to you. It can be a small sip or a gulp, depending on your preference and tolerance. Always remember to drink responsibly.

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