If you’re a couple who enjoy a good time, love a bit of competition, and relish the opportunity to let loose and laugh together, this article is for you. Here, we’ve rounded up five fun drinking game ideas perfect for your next romantic night in.

Understanding the Context: Drinking Games and Romance

What are Drinking Games?

We all know drinking games as a college staple, a way to ramp up the fun at parties. But there’s more to them than just downing shots and testing your alcohol tolerance.
10 Drinking Games for a Romantic night in

How can they Enhance Romance?

Drinking games, when played in moderation, can be a fantastic tool to enhance romance. They can stir up playful competition, encourage deep conversation, and facilitate shared laughter – all ingredients for a fun, romantic night.

Game Idea 1: Truth or Drink

What is Truth or Drink?

Truth or Drink is an alcohol-fueled twist on the classic “Truth or Dare.”

How to Play

Each person takes turns asking personal or provocative questions. The other person either answers truthfully or drinks as a way to “pass.”

Game Idea 2: Wine Tasting Challenge

What is the Wine Tasting Challenge?

It’s a sophisticated game for wine-loving couples, with a fun twist!

How to Play

Blindfold each other, taste different wines, and guess the type or origin. The person with the most wrong guesses drinks!

Game Idea 3: Cocktail Creation Contest

What is the Cocktail Creation Contest?

A creative and fun game that encourages couples to craft the best cocktail.

How to Play

Both of you have the same ingredients, and the challenge is to create the most delicious cocktail. The judge? Each other!

Game Idea 4: Movie Drinking Game

movie night

What is a Movie Drinking Game?

This one combines relaxation with a hint of fun competition.

How to Play

Pick a movie, set up rules (like “drink every time a character says a certain word”). It adds an extra layer of fun to your movie night!

Game Idea 5: Drunk Waiter

What is Drunk Waiter?

An hilarious and engaging game that will test your balance and concentration.

How to Play

Balance a tray with six cups filled with varying levels of water or alcohol. The person who spills the least amount wins!

Game Idea 6: Never Have I Ever

What is Never Have I Ever?

It’s a game that helps you discover fun, quirky, or secret things about each other, all in a lighthearted atmosphere.

How to Play

Each person takes turns saying “Never have I ever…” followed by a statement. If the other person has done it, they drink. The game can range from innocent to risqué, depending on your comfort level.

Game Idea 7: Flip Cup Love Challenge

What is the Flip Cup Love Challenge?

A romantic spin on the classic Flip Cup game that tests your speed, agility, and teamwork.

How to Play

Set up a table with cups filled to the brim with your drink of choice. The aim is to drink the beverage quickly, and then flip the cup by flicking the rim with your fingers. The twist? You both work together to complete the row of cups. Celebrate your success with a kiss!

Game Idea 8: Battle Shots

What is Battle Shots?

A delightful blend of strategy, luck, and drinking – think Battleship with shots!

How to Play

Draw a grid, arrange your ‘ships,’ and guess where your partner’s vessels are. If you guess right, your partner drinks!

Game Idea 9: Power Hour

What is Power Hour?

It’s an endurance game, perfect for those long, laid-back evenings when you have time to spare.

How to Play

You both take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. Play your favorite music in the background and take a stroll down memory lane as you play.

Game Idea 10: Drunk Jenga

What is Drunk Jenga?


It’s the classic Jenga game, but with a boozy twist!

How to Play

Write a rule on each block (like ‘take two drinks’, ‘start a waterfall’, or ‘swap a piece of clothing with your partner’). Each time you pull a block, you must follow the rule written on it. As the game progresses, it becomes even more hilarious and suspenseful!

Remember, all these games should be enjoyed responsibly. The goal is to have fun and create meaningful memories, not to drink excessively. Always prioritize your safety and comfort. Happy playing!

Tips for a Successful Romantic Night In with Drinking Games

Safety and Moderation

Always remember, these games should be played with moderation. The goal is fun, not intoxication!

Setting the Mood

To make the night extra special, set the mood with dimmed lights, your favorite music, and a cozy setup.

The Importance of Flexibility and Fun

Remember, rules are not set in stone. Modify the games as you see fit to increase your enjoyment and comfort.


Whether it’s a game of “Truth or Drink,” a “Wine Tasting Challenge,” or a hilarious round of “Drunk Waiter,” these games are all about enjoying each other’s company and making memories. So why not grab your favorite drink and add some playful competition to your romantic night in?


  1. Can these games be played without alcohol?
    • Absolutely! Non-alcoholic drinks can be used in all these games.
  2. How many rounds should we play?
    • That’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you’re both comfortable and enjoying yourselves.
  3. What if we don’t like one of the games?
    • That’s okay! These are just suggestions, feel free to modify or skip any game you don’t like.
  4. Are these games only for couples?
    • While these games are designed for couples, they can be adapted for groups as well.
  5. Do we need any special equipment?
    • Most games require basic items like glasses, alcohol, and maybe a blindfold. Just make sure to read the instructions for each game carefully.

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