Planning a baby shower can be a thrilling yet challenging task, especially when you're looking to add a unique twist to the celebration.

Baby shower drinking games are a fantastic way to bring laughter and create memorable moments.

Let’s explore some fun and innovative drinking game ideas that will add a splash of excitement to any baby shower!

Understanding Baby Shower Drinking Games

Baby shower drinking games are a modern twist on traditional baby shower activities. They are designed to be inclusive, fun, and a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of the new baby.

Whether it's a co-ed shower or a more traditional gathering, these games can cater to all guests.

1. Non-Alcoholic Options for Expectant Mothers

It’s important to include the guest of honor in all the fun, which means considering non-alcoholic alternatives for the expectant mother. Mocktails, fruit punches, and non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks ensure that she can enjoy the festivities without feeling left out.

Expanded Drink Alternatives

Alcoholic Beverage Non-Alcoholic Alternative Why It Works
Champagne Sparkling Apple Cider Bubbly and festive, mimicking the real thing
Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer Maintains the beer experience without the alcohol
Wine Grape Juice or Non-Alcoholic Wine Offers the sophistication of wine with zero alcohol

Pro Tip: Get creative with mocktails by adding fun garnishes or using fancy glassware to make them feel special.

2. Classic Drinking Games with a Baby Shower Twist

Classic drinking games can easily be adapted to fit the baby shower theme, ensuring loads of laughter and engagement from all guests.

Baby Bottle Flip Cup

Replace traditional cups in Flip Cup with baby bottles for a hilarious twist. This game is not only fun to play but also comical to watch.

Baby-themed Never Have I Ever

Customize the classic Never Have I Ever game to include statements related to parenting, diaper disasters, and funny baby anecdotes.

Game Examples:

  • "Never have I ever used a diaper as an emergency wipe."
  • "Never have I ever fallen asleep in the baby's crib."

Why These Work: These games create a light-hearted atmosphere and focus on the shared experiences of parenthood, making them relatable and enjoyable for all.

3. Creative Baby Shower Game Ideas

Guess the Baby Food

  • Participants taste different baby foods (like peas, carrots, or blended fruits) and guess the flavors.
  • Use blindfolds to heighten the mystery and laughter.

Diaper Pong

  • Similar to beer pong, set up a table with diapers arranged in a triangular formation.
  • Throw ping pong balls into the diapers to score points.
  • This game is not only fun but also introduces an element of skill and competition.

Additional Creative Game:

Baby Lullaby Karaoke

  • Have guests sing popular lullabies or children’s songs, perhaps with a humorous twist.
  • Use a karaoke machine or just play instrumental versions on a speaker.

Why These Games Are Great:
These games are centered around baby-related themes, making them perfect for a baby shower.

They're inclusive, ensuring that everyone, including the mom-to-be, can participate and enjoy.

Incorporating these baby shower drinking games adds an element of excitement and fun to the celebration. They encourage participation, laughter, and create lasting memories.

Whether you opt for non-alcoholic options, twist on classics, or entirely new game ideas, the key is to celebrate the joyous occasion of welcoming a new life into the world.


4. Incorporating Fun Themes

Themes can significantly enhance the enjoyment of baby shower drinking games. They add an extra layer of excitement and allow for more creativity in both the games and the overall party décor.

Thematic Ideas for Baby Shower Games:

  • Disney Babies: Have guests participate in a Disney-themed quiz or charades centered around famous Disney babies and children.
  • Nursery Rhyme Challenge: Guests must remember and recite popular nursery rhymes. The twist? Do it while holding a drink.
  • Superhero Baby: A game where guests create and present a superhero baby complete with unique powers and a backstory.

Why Themes Work: Themes can tie the whole event together, making it more immersive and entertaining. Guests are more likely to engage when they connect with a fun and familiar theme.

5. Ensuring Everyone's Comfort and Safety

Ensuring that everyone at the baby shower is comfortable and safe, especially when alcohol is involved, is paramount.

This not only means having non-alcoholic options but also setting a tone that respects everyone's boundaries and comfort levels.

Safety Measures and Considerations:

  • Alcohol Limits: Implement a drink limit to promote moderate consumption.
  • Transport Arrangements: Encourage the use of ride-sharing services or designated drivers.
  • Inclusive Activities: Include games that do not revolve around drinking, such as trivia or board games, to ensure non-drinkers feel included.

Health and Safety Tip: Always have water and snacks available to prevent overindulgence and to keep guests hydrated and energized.

6. Creative Prizes for Winners

Offering prizes to game winners can boost the competitive spirit and make the games even more engaging. Creative and thoughtful prizes can also serve as wonderful keepsakes from the event.

Prize Ideas for Winners:

  • Customized Gifts: Personalized items such as mugs or keychains with the date of the baby shower.
  • Spa Vouchers: A relaxing spa treatment voucher is a delightful prize, giving guests a chance to unwind after the party.
  • Baby-themed Items: Cute baby accessories or toys which can be funny or practical.

Prize Strategy: The idea is to offer prizes that reflect the joyous and celebratory nature of a baby shower while also providing value and delight to the winners.

By incorporating these elements into a baby shower, you not only ensure a fun and engaging environment but also create a safe and inclusive space for all guests. Adding themes enhances the overall experience, focusing on safety shows thoughtfulness and care, and providing creative prizes adds an exciting competitive edge to the games. With these tips, your baby shower is sure to be an event that guests will remember fondly for years to come.

Conclusion: Making Baby Showers Unforgettable with Drinking Games

Baby shower drinking games bring a fun and unique element to the celebration. Whether you’re planning a traditional or a more modern shower, incorporating these games can guarantee a memorable event.

Just remember to keep the expectant mother and non-drinkers in mind, and let the games be a way for everyone to share in the joy and excitement of the new arrival.

Looking for more fun drinking game ideas? Check out our extensive collection of games perfect for any occasion, from summer pool party drinking games to romantic night in game ideas. Whether you're hosting a large group or a small gathering, we have something for everyone!

Key Highlights of Baby Shower Drinking Games

  1. Non-Alcoholic Options for the Expectant Mother: Emphasizing the inclusion of the mom-to-be with creative mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring she's part of the fun.

  2. Classic Games with a Baby Shower Twist: Adapting popular drinking games like Baby Bottle Flip Cup and Baby-themed Never Have I Ever to fit the baby shower theme.

  3. Innovative Baby Shower Game Ideas: Introducing unique games like Guess the Baby Food, Diaper Pong, and Baby Lullaby Karaoke to keep guests entertained and engaged.

  4. Fun Themes to Elevate the Party: Incorporating themes such as Disney Babies, Nursery Rhyme Challenge, and Superhero Baby for a more immersive and entertaining experience.

  5. Focus on Comfort and Safety: Stressing the importance of responsible drinking, including alcohol limits and transport arrangements, and ensuring activities for non-drinkers.

  6. Creative Prizes for Game Winners: Enhancing the competitive spirit with thoughtful prizes like customized gifts, spa vouchers, and baby-themed items.

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