If you’re looking for a fun and high-energy drinking game to play with your friends, Thumper is the perfect choice. This game involves rhythmic clapping, chanting, and hand gestures, making it a unique and entertaining group experience.

In this article, we’ll show you how to play the game, the rules, setup, and tips for a memorable experience.

How to Play

The rules of Thumper are simple. Here’s how to play:

1. The game is typically played with a group of five or more people.

2. Players sit in a circle and choose a person to start.

3. The first player performs a hand gesture, such as tapping their chest twice, and then points to another player in the circle.

4. The second player must perform the same gesture and then point to another player, and so on.

5. If a player makes a mistake or hesitates, they must drink.

6. In addition to the hand gesture, players must also chant Thumper while tapping their hands on the table in rhythm.

7. The game continues in this manner until all players have had a turn as the Thumper.

Rules of Thumper

To ensure that the game is played safely and responsibly, here are some rules to follow:

1. Players must be of legal drinking age.

2. Drink responsibly and do not exceed your limits.

3. No physical contact is allowed while playing the game.

4. If a player makes a mistake or hesitates, they must drink.

5. Do not pressure or force anyone to drink.

Tips for Making the Most of Thumper

Here are some tips for maximizing your enjoyment of the game:

1. Use a beer with a low alcohol content to avoid getting too drunk too quickly.

2. Play in a well-lit and spacious room to avoid accidents and injuries.

3. Use a sturdy and stable table to avoid spills and injuries.

4. Choose a player to start who is comfortable with leading the group.

5. Assign a designated driver or arrange for alternative transportation if necessary.


Can Thumper be played with more than five players?

Yes, Thumper can be played with any number of players, as long as there is enough space at the table for everyone to participate.

Can players change the hand gesture or chant during the game?

No, players must perform the same hand gesture and chant throughout the game.

What happens if two players point to each other at the same time?

The player who pointed first gets to go next, while the other player drinks.


Thumper is a fun and high-energy drinking game for groups that can add excitement and laughter to any party or social gathering. By following the rules and tips outlined in this article, you’re sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Remember to drink responsibly, take breaks as needed, and most importantly, have fun! With its simple setup and unique gameplay, Thumper is a great game to play with friends and family.

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