Beer pong is a classic party game that has been enjoyed by many for decades. However, sometimes the same old game can get boring.

That’s where Strip Beer Pong comes in! This naughty twist to the traditional game adds an extra level of excitement and fun.

Strip Beer Pong for 2 is a more intimate and risqué variation of the traditional Beer Pong game, intended for two players.

The game combines the rules of Beer Pong and Strip Poker, where the losing player removes a piece of clothing each time a shot is scored.

In this article, we will explain the rules, how to play, and some FAQs for this version of beer pong.

How to Play Strip Beer Pong

What You’ll Need

To play Strip Beer Pong, you’ll need:

  • A beer pong table
  • 2 players
  • At least 6 cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • Alcohol of your choice

Setting Up the Game

1. Place six cups on each side of the beer pong table in a triangle shape.

2. Fill each cup with alcohol of your choice. You can use beer, hard liquor, or a mix of both.

3. Each player should stand at opposite ends of the table.

4. Decide who goes first. You can flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors.

Rules of the Game

1. The game is played like traditional beer pong, where each player tries to throw the ping pong ball into the other player’s cups.

2. If a player makes a cup, the opponent must drink the contents of that cup.

3. If a player makes all six cups, the opponent must remove an article of clothing.

4. The game ends when one player has no clothes left to remove.


How do you play Strip Beer Pong for 2?

The rules are similar to regular Beer Pong: two players stand at opposite ends of a table, with cups filled with beer arranged in a triangle. Each player takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup’s owner drinks the beer and the thrower gets to remove a piece of the other player’s clothing.

Is it necessary to drink alcohol in Strip Beer Pong?

No, it’s not necessary to drink alcohol. You can play with any non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Can the removed clothing be put back on during the game?

No, the removed clothing cannot be put back on during the game.

Can Strip Beer Pong be played with more than 2 players?

No, this version of beer pong is designed to be played with only two players.

Is there a limit to the amount of clothing one should wear?

The number of clothing items can be negotiated before the game starts. Typically, each player begins with the same number of clothing items, often around 5 to 6 pieces.

How do I win Strip Beer Pong for 2?

The game continues until one player is left without any clothing items or the beer cups are finished. Please remember, the goal of the game is to have fun in a comfortable and consensual environment.

What if a player becomes uncomfortable during the game?

It’s important to ensure all players feel safe and comfortable throughout the game. If a player becomes uncomfortable, they have the right to stop playing at any time.

What happens if a player doesn’t want to remove a piece of clothing?

The rules of the game should be flexible and respectful. If a player doesn’t feel comfortable removing a piece of clothing, they can choose to drink an additional cup of beer or perform a dare as an alternative.


Strip Beer Pong is a great way to spice up your regular beer pong game. It adds a level of excitement and naughtiness to the game, making it perfect for parties or date nights.

Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun!

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