Virtual parties have become more popular than ever before, and with that comes the need for fun and exciting games to play with friends and family. Drinking games are a great way to add some extra fun to any virtual party, and they’re easy to play from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we’ll explore five drinking games that are perfect for a virtual party.

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game that can easily be adapted to a virtual party setting. Players take turns saying “Never have I ever…” followed by something they have never done.

Anyone who has done the thing mentioned must take a drink.

2. Drunk Pirate

“Drunk Pirate” is a digital drinking game where players take turns clicking on a virtual card from the game’s website, which then presents a rule or challenge usually involving drinking.

Rules can vary greatly, from simple actions like taking a sip of a drink to more complex activities that involve multiple players.

The game continues until all the cards have been drawn or players decide to stop, with laughter and increased inebriation along the way.

3. Virtual Beer Pong

“Virtual Beer Pong” is an adaptation of the classic party game for remote play, usually over a video call.

Players set up cups on their end and take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into one of their opponent’s cups – the catch is, players aim for the cup on their screen and then the opposing player must drink the corresponding cup on their own table.

The game continues until one player has had all their cups ‘hit,’ with the aim of the game being to clear all your opponent’s cups first.

4. Zoom Quarters

“Zoom Quarters” is a virtual version of the traditional Quarters game. Each player sets up a shot glass or cup and has a quarter or small coin at their own location.

Players take turns attempting to bounce the coin off their table and into their cup.

If successful, they can choose another player who must take a drink. The game continues in a round-robin fashion, allowing for socialization and fun even while participants are physically apart.

5. Truth or Drink

“Truth or Drink” is a twist on the classic “Truth or Dare” game. In this version, players take turns asking each other personal, funny, or provocative questions.

If a player is asked a question and they do not want to answer, they must take a drink as a penalty.

The game continues until the players decide to stop, offering a balance of revealing truths and lighthearted drinking.


1. Can these games be played with non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, these games can be played with non-alcoholic drinks, such as water or soda. It’s a good idea to have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available for players who don’t want to drink alcohol.

2. Can these games be played with a small group?

Yes, these games can be played with a small group or even with just two players. It’s important to adapt the rules to fit the number of players involved.

3. What happens if a player drinks too much?

If a player drinks too much, it’s important to make sure they are safe and seek medical attention if necessary. It’s also a good idea to have a designated driver or alternative transportation available to ensure everyone gets home safely.

4. Can these games be played with people from different time zones?

Yes, these games can be played with people from different time zones, as long as everyone is able to participate at the designated time. It’s a good idea to choose a time that works for everyone involved.

5. Are there any other virtual drinking games worth trying?

Yes, there are many other virtual drinking games worth trying, such as Virtual Flip Cup, Zoom Trivia, and Virtual Cheers. It’s always a good idea to research the rules and make sure everyone playing is aware of the risks and agrees to play responsibly.


Virtual parties don’t have to be boring. By adding a drinking game to the mix, you can have fun with friends and family from the comfort of your own home.

These five drinking games are easy to play and perfect for a virtual party. However, it’s important to drink responsibly and know your limits. Always prioritize safety and make sure everyone playing the game is on board with playing responsibly.

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